The Key to Optimizing Broiler Breeder Performance

The ability to accurately monitor animal consumption is crucial to any broiler operation, especially when it comes to your breeders: “Optimising breeder performance plays a key role in broiler performance…” (Poultry World). A key component to improving your breeder performance is controlling and knowing exactly how much feed the birds are consuming on a daily basis.

Precision feeding is something we offer to breeder operations with our Dual Breeder Consoles. This feature of our Breeder Control system allows you to manage feed delivery for both Rooster (Master) and Hen (Remote) feeding by enabling and/or disabling the appropriate feed delivery system.

This feed delivery management has become even more important in recent years: “Managing modern broiler breeder strains is made more difficult because these birds cannot adequately self-regulate feed intake during the growth and development stage” (The Poultry Site). We understand that delivering the right amount of food and minerals at the right time in your Hen and Rooster growth cycles is essential to achieving the best efficiency and reproductive outcomes in your operation.

Another benefit that your operation receives with our Dual Breeder Control system is automation. Your feed bins will have a Remote Breeder Console that allows you to remotely program automated filling of a preset gross weight amount into a weigh bin. Also, a Master Breeder Console provides automated loss-in-weight batching of a programmed amount for Hen feeding. Plus, you always have the ability to make real-time adjustments to your feed batching with a manual override feature for each auger via external switch.

All of these capabilities and data amount to one important thing: improved performance. When your breeders fail to get the proper nutrition, your production is compromised. “Deficiencies affect [broiler breeders] performance and health” (Poultry World). It’s that simple. If you would like to learn more about our Dual Breeder Control, contact us on our website, or visit our booth at the upcoming Midwest Poultry Show on March 18-19 at booth #632!