Take the Guess Work Out of Breeder Feeding Accuracy

Complete control and understanding of your livestock’s food and water intake is something all breeders strive for but can be very difficult to achieve. “Feeding the proper feeds at the proper times, and managing feed and water delivery will go a long way to ensure a healthy, productive laying flock” (Oregon State). Proper feeding doesn’t only help to ensure healthy livestock, it also help you to improve on your bottom line.

BinTrac® Breeder Control

Feed accuracy is something every breeder needs to and can accomplish with BinTrac Breeder Control. This system gives you full control of your feeding by performing the following functions:

  • Displays current weight
  • Automatically detects bin fill event
  • Logs fills
  • Provides daily feed use
  • Controls fill/batching augers
  • User programmable batch weight
  • Scheduled batching
  • Illuminated bin level/batch progress indicator
  • Auto/manual operation
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BinTrac Breeder Control works with most feed line control systems and helps to ensure that your birds are getting fed accurately for optimum egg production, animal health and productivity.

Learn more about how BinTrac Breeder Control will eliminate your need for mechanical scales and give you the ability to track and control bin filling, batching, and feed tracking [here].

Get a 360° View

Take your feed accuracy to the next level when you incorporate BinTrac Vision with your Breeder Control System. The BinTrac Vision website allows you to remotely manager your feed inventory and consumption from any location, on any device, and at any time. The data and analytics you have access to when using the BinTrac allows you to improve on your bottom line by reducing waste and improving productivity.

Contact us today and we will help you to identify which BinTrac system will work best for your operation.