The parts of the scale that we design and create are listed below. If you would like more detailed information please look at our scale manuals or contact us.

C500 Console

Our user friendly display, designed for sorting scale systems, has an easy to read, large 1/4VGA display. This user friendly screen makes it easy to select one of four sort options and to enter sort weight. Collected sort weights are summarized and displayed in multiple screens showing average weight, coefficient of variation, and as a histogram of pig weights distribution, and more. Group data is also available for maintaining inventory and average daily gain. The console has internal nonvolatile memory for long term storage. The console can also be remote from the scale to allow monitoring from a nearby office area.

SJB500 Smart Junction Box

The Smart Junction Box has multiple I/O connections for reading weights and controlling pneumatic gate operations, based on sort parameters it receives from the console. Gate operation uses our patented ESP (Electronic Sense of Position) technology. This technology automatically adjusts the gate control to varying animal weights without the need of any adjustable sensors or switches. Our system also has less complicated settings than most and is easy to setup.

c500 console HerdStar’s C500 Console.
SJB500 Smart Junction Box HerdStar’s SJB500 Smart Junction Box.