These are some FAQ’s we receive from our users. If you have any questions that are not listed here, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

What does the HerdStar Sorting System do?

It fully operates the scale from actuating the pneumatic gates, to weighing the animal, storing the data, and interfacing with the user giving them reliable easy to understand knowledge about their animals.

How much do I need to know to operate the system?

First of all your HerdStar system is always on.

Adjust air pressure to the size of animals.
Adjust the speed of the entrance gate.
Turn the toggle switch to Auto.

That’s it! You are collecting valuable information about animals.

Do I have to adjust trigger weights every day?

No, HerdStar’s ESP system (electronic sensing of position) eliminates the need to adjust gate triggers

Do I have to adjust for an overweight reading?

Yes, this will increase the accuracy of your sort. Setting an overweight to 10% over your heaviest animal ensures that two animals can’t fool the scale into sorting them into the heavy pen.

What useful information do I get?

HerdStar logs a daily diary of your group automatically. The daily log includes: lightest weight, heaviest weight, average weight, and total weights. It also records the number of animals weighed, coefficient of variation, and average daily gain from the previous day. In addition to the previous data it displays a histogram of the distribution of weights. This histogram is adjustable and gives the user the ability to zero in on his marketing opportunities. It also can report death, sales, and other animal inventory changes.

Do I have to preprogram weight brackets to collect information?

No, HerdStar needs no preprogramming to collect information. Your information is automatically logged and can be accessed up to 250 days later!

Can HerdStar tell me when to market my pigs?

Yes and No, HerdStar will highlight the cutoff weight for your sort limit on the histogram. HerdStar’s decisions are only a prediction based upon the number of readings on the scale each day. If those pigs are representative of your entire group then the information will be amazingly accurate. If those pigs are not representative of the group then a bias may occur. You must keep accurate inventory records for this feature to be accurate also.

How do I start a sort?

Press Menu, select Start New Sort, choose what type of sort you want, and follow the menu options and press enter. Now your sort has started. Select view/edit anytime later to make changes or just double check your selections.

What are the different types of sorts?

There are four sort features on HerdStarĆ managing the variables to ensure a successful sorting event. They are Simple Sort, Sort to Sell, Sort to Light, and Sort to Train.

What is Simple Sort?

Simple Sort is where you simply set the weight that you want to sort by. Animals will be sorted heavy and light based upon a fixed weight.

What is Sort to Sell?

Sort to Sell is designed to accurately sort animals for sale. A fixed weight can be used or you can set the sort weight to adjust downward overtime. The user can set the amount of the weight adjustment and the time interval between adjustments. A sort limit can be set to ensure the sort pen and truck is not overstocked.

What is Sort to Train?

Sort to Train is used to train animals to use the scale. It sorts the pigs alternatively left and right.

What is Sort to Light

Sort to Light is designed to sort a programmed number of light weight pigs. This feature is used for operators that double stock and need to sort off light weight group.

What is a time out?

A time out is when the scale determines that an animal needs help exiting the scale. During a clear scale event the sort gate opens and initiates a bump action if the animal does not leave the scale. If the animal remains on the scale after repeated bumps (5) the scale goes into an open scale mode with both the sort gate and the entrance gates open for a short period of time allowing another animal to enter and push the inactive animal out. In the Sort to Sell mode this action is always opened to the light side preventing an underweight animal from entering the sale pen inadvertently.

Is HerdStar RFID compatible?

Yes, HerdStar is made to integrate with an RFID reader. The HerdStarĆ power supply is robust enough to handle the extra wattage resulting in a “plug and play” solution.

Is HerdStar upgradeable?

Yes, the system is designed with Flash memory so that software updates can be made in the future.