Supporting Products

HerdStar offers a number of supporting products to enhance the user experience and make every operation run as smooth as possible. We offer everything from wireless communication to multiple industrial communication interfaces, for connecting to third party components. We also provide sorting scale indicators that run multiple sorting modes with smart features for easy split-weight feeding, training and sorting for sale, plus simple sorting.

Scale Indicators

Our automatic sorting technology makes it possible to efficiently manage animals in very large pens. It creates a social culture among the animals where they learn to sort and load for market without stress which improves meat quality. And it opens the door to even more technological advancement for food safety and the automatic management of nutrition and health in individual animals.

Industrial Communication Interfaces

Our interfaces make it possible to communicate and transmit data to previously installed third party components. We offer multiple interfaces such as: Ethernet, Digital, Serial, Analog, and Proportional.

Site Communications

Our industrial wireless radios and cellular communication hub eliminate site wiring and provide complete isolation between BinTrac indicators. With 900MHZ the radios provide reliable performance that can transmit up to 4 miles line of site. The communication hub can communicate with all site devices and supports land line, cellular or internet.

Fast II Scale Fast II Scale
The 5 different Interfaces HerdStar offers BinTrac HouseLINK Interfaces
HerdStar’s Remote and Base Radios with a Communication Hub HerdStar Remote and Base Radios with Communication Hub