A MicroZone system consists of four basic components. They are listed and described below.

MicroZone Lamp and Mat Controller

This is the main control unit of the MicroZone system. The Controller monitors room temperature and varies the power to the heat lamps or mats from 0 to 100 percent. It also provides the programmable temperature ramp to adjust your power settings based on animal age. One Controller can manage up to twelve power modulators.

MicroZone Power Modulator

The Power Modulator regulates the power going to the heat lamps or heating mats in response to commands from the MicroZone Controller.

MicroZone Power Supply

The Power Supply provides the operating low voltage for the MicroZone Controller.

Temperature Sensor

This allows the MicroZone Controller to accurately measure the room temperature of your animal’s environment, resulting in optimized power settings for your lamps or mats. One or two temperature sensors can be used to monitor the room or mat temperature. When two sensors are used, the MicroZone Controller will use the average temperature of the two sensors to adjust the power to the heat lamps or mats.

controller MC 100 Lamp and Mat Controller.
controller MPM 100 Power Modulator.
controller MPS 100 Power Supply.