HerdStar’s main product brands are BinTrac and MicroZone.  These solutions have been specifically designed to increase the efficiency, productivity, and safety of our customer’s business.

  • BinTrac®

    BinTrac is an accurate, dependable, and cost-effective bin weighing system. The patented bracket design makes installation safe and easy for both retrofits and new sites without the need for lifting equipment. It is available for a wide range of weighing capacities and can be easily adapted to fit various leg types. The scales can be interface to leading barn/house controllers and the data can be sent to the cloud for remote monitoring and management.


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  • MicroZone™

    With MicroZone’s patented automatic temperature controls, piglets are kept at the optimum temperature for their age and surrounding room environment. Our system is easy to use and can save customers up to 40% in energy costs. With the electrical savings alone, MicroZone typically pays for itself in twelve to eighteen months, but with rebates available from some utility providers, it could be as little as six months.


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