Our main product brands are MicroZone and BinTrac Product offerings.  All of these products have been specifically designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of a user’s business.


With MicroZone, patented automatic temperature control band, animals are kept at their optimum temperature for their age and room temperature. Our system is easy to use and can save users 30% or more in energy costs. With these savings MicroZone, on average, pays for itself in a year to eighteen months, with rebates from electrical companies it could be as little as six months.


BinTrac is an accurate, low cost bin weighing system. With a patented bracket style, installation is easy for existing and even loaded bins. Brackets can be easily adapted to fit most bin leg types (ex. Angle iron, I-beam, etc). Wireless communications allow data to be accessed virtually anywhere.

Supporting Products

Herdstar offers a number of supporting products to enhance the user experience and make every operation run as smooth as possible. We offer everything from wireless communication to multiple industrial communication interfaces for connecting to third party components. We also provide sorting scale indicators that run multiple sorting modes with smart features for easy split-weight feeding, training and sorting for sale, plus simple sorting.

microzone MicroZone system installation
BinTrac Bracket with patented Load Cell and BinTrac Controller