Increase Bio-Security with BinTrac® Vision

We know that PEDV, PRRS and other diseases reside just outside your sow units put your animals and finances at great risk. Serious investment into your bio-security must be a high priority and should include the following: shower-in shower-out facilities, air filtration, sow and piglet movement protocols, vaccines, gilt acclimatization facilities, and more.

Enhance Bio-Security with Bin Scales

Once you implement your bio-security system, it must be maintained and respected by your employees. Your employees are likely required to regularly exit and re-enter bio-secure areas to check feed bin levels. This continuous foot traffic puts your bio-security program at risk because your employees are crossing paths with feed, livestock trucks, and manure handling equipment.  

How do you eliminate this risk? By stopping this foot traffic through the installation of bin scales.

Bin scales allow you to reduce foot traffic and create clean zones that will not be violated. Reducing foot traffic doesn’t only protect your bio-security program, it also protects your employees by eliminating the need for bin climbing, which is physically dangerous, time consuming, and inaccurate.

Bin scales can also improve bio-security in other ways. Gestation and lactation bins are difficult if not impossible to time deliveries into without accurate usage and inventory data. Bin scales give you the ability to time sow feed loads on Monday mornings after trucks have been sanitized, dried, and parked over the weekend. In addition, the number of overall deliveries will be reduced, therefore improving bio-security.

The BinTrac® System

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BinTrac bin weighing systems are designed to eliminate the need for physically climbing bins and checking feed inventories. The system provides accurate information on current feed levels and tracks feed usage and delivery. In fact, BinTrac allows you to move the feed ordering anywhere, even to the feed mill. Reduce bio-security risks, eliminating bin climbing and improve feed delivery timing. BinTrac makes sense and, more importantly, it may save your farm.

BinTrac is a low cost, accurate and reliable inventory use and tracking system that is easy to install on new and existing bins. With its patented bracket assembly combined with the industry’s only lightning warranty on load cells, BinTrac bin weighing systems are number one in the industry.

Bio-security changes are expected to increase more than ever. Companies will need to restrict onsite access and exposure for employees, feed deliveries and other site visits. More and more producers are using BinTrac Vision remote bin monitoring system to eliminate vehicle and foot traffic on the sites.