HPAI – Rethinking Poultry Farm Biosecurity

HPAI – Highly pathogenetic avian influenza continues to wreak havoc on the poultry industry in several geographies. BinTrac understands there are many ways for HPAI to sneak onto a farm and into a house, so addressing risks and strengthening biosecurity are more important than ever. Minimizing the need for movement of personnel and equipment in and out of the house is a critical prevention measure, as is minimizing the movement of vehicles on and off the farm.
BinTrac systems provide accurate, reliable feed bin weight data that is easily accessible on the farm and remotely. This allows for more accurate, timely coordination of deliveries from the feed mill, while eliminating the need to knock on bins or climb ladders just to guess at current feed inventory levels.

READ recent article in Watt’s Poultry USA – April 2023 Page 26 – HPAI Rethinking Poultry Farm Biosecurity