How to Use Data & Analytics for Better Performance & Profit

We live in a time when information is readily available at our fingertips for virtually any topic, but the amount of information available can also be a bit overwhelming. In the livestock industry, data reporting and analytics is an essential part of any operation: “Proven data can determine where to build new farms, what breed to use, what types of housing equipment, the feed type and nutrients as well as the optimal number of birds per drinker or per feeder” (Poultry World).With BinTrac systems, you have access to the information you need to monitor animal consumption and health. Keeping our product offerings at the lead of the industry for data reporting and analytics is a top priority at BinTrac because we understand the benefit to our customers and their operations.

As the global demand for animal-based proteins continues to rise, it is more important than ever that livestock producers operate as efficiently as possible. We supply our customers with all the data they need to improve processes and increase profitability through our BinTrac Vision and BinTrac Cloud software. These two tools offer you cutting-edge capabilities for monitoring animal consumption and health, feed times, bin levels, and more.

BinTrac Vision and BinTrac Cloud work together to give the full picture of your operation with the following data reporting and analytics:

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