How to Improve Broiler Feed Conversion

The mission of every breeder is to achieve the greatest output possible within their budget and without any illness. Our mission is to help you accomplish this through our BinTrac Systems. A huge aspect of successful production is broiler feed conversion or your Feed Conversion Ratio (“FCR”). “Feed conversion ratio (FCR) is a measure of how well a flock converts feed intake (feed usage) into live weight. Small changes in FCR at any given feed price will have a substantial impact on financial margins” (Aviagen). Keep reading to learn the two key ways that the BinTrac Systems will help you to achieve an optimal FCR and improve on your bottom-line.


Accurate Bin Monitoring

The first way that BinTrac helps to improve FCR is through accurate monitoring of feel levels in your silos. This helps you in two ways: it allows you to identify when your silo is empty and able to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid mold build up or “hot spots”. The second way that real-time data on your silo fill level will help you to improve FCR is through the available analytics with BinTrac Vision.  

BinTrac Vision gives you the ability to track and monitor feed levels at any given time, which reduces the risk of over feeding, emergency orders, and many other potential issues.

BinTrac Weighing Systems

Monitor Daily Consumption

With our BinTrac Breeder Control allows you full agency over your feed times and amounts with scheduled daily batching. It also allows you to make real-time, manual updates to your feed schedule as well.

The perfect partner to BinTrac Breeder Control is BinTrac Vision. The data and reporting available with BinTrac vision allow breeders to monitor daily average consumption per animal, bin, or barn/house. This gives you the ability to identify any health or feed issues before they become a larger issue and is invaluable when it comes to maintaining the lowest possible FCR.

If you are interested in learning more about our BinTrac Systems and how they will help you to improve broiler feed conversion and overall production and profit, reach out today by submitting a contact form or call 1-877-246-8722!