GF Pro Vision Press Release

Wednesday, Jan 22

GF Pro Vision, Get Vision Into Your Grow Finish Operation


Mankato, MN (January 17, 2014) – HerdStar is excited to announce the release the new version of their Grow/Finish software, GF Pro Vision. GF Pro has been one of the leading Grow/Finish software programs for the last ten years. The newest version, GF Pro Vision, has been modified and enhanced to give the user insight into large amounts of information, helping to maximize the profitability of your operation. This ‘Next Generation’ solution brings simplicity, efficiency and practical business management information together for you, the pork producer, to effectively manage your operation.


GF Pro Vision now allows for easier login on any device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile device. This web based program has simple and easy to learn data entry along with the ability to customize reports to fit your company’s needs. GF Pro Vision now has even easier importing and exporting capabilities for feed and carcass data, mill and packer imports, and feed invoices. This new version has very low maintenance and operational costs along with no big upfront fees.


GF Pro Vision has powerful reporting and comprehensive abilities. Many different types of data can be analyzed by this software, a few are: feed budget compliance, tracking pharmaceutical use, and marketing management aids. This program is designed for the mid-sized operator, and as stated previously, highly adaptable for any business.


For more information about GF Pro Vision please visit or feel free to contact HerdStar by the information listed below. HerdStar will be attending many tradeshow events in 2014 and would be happy to set up a meeting with you at any of these events.





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