Get the Data You Need to Improve Feed Conversion

The ability to track your livestock’s daily consumption through feed conversion is invaluable in the agricultural industry for many reasons. “The golden standard on feed conversion is to measure feed intake from placement at one day old to harvest at market weight” (The Poultry Site). Our BinTrac system gives you the ability to track feed conversion through live data and analytics so you can be more in-tune with your animals’ consumption.

The process of monitoring feed conversion consists of measuring the feed conversion ratio, which is “how well a flock converts feed intake (feed usage) into live weight” (Aviagen). A good feed conversion ratio means more profit for your operation. The BinTrac Vision system gives users more insight into their animals’ feeding habits and overall health than ever before. The data our users have 24/7 access to with the remote data monitoring option give them to ability to:

  • Track feed deliveries
  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure you never have an out of feed event
  • Predict bird weights based on genetics consumption curve
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These capabilities will improve your profit margin and feeding processes by giving you access to data and analytics for the following:

  • Bin Graphing
  • Consumption Graphing
  • Feed Data Usage
  • Feed Order Forecast Reports
  • Fill Event Reports

You can learn more about the information included in each of these reports here.

Our BinTrac Systems give you the tools you need to improve feed conversion and give you a better understanding of your entire operation. Contact us today to learn how to get started.