Dual Breeder Batch Control added to BinTrac Lineup

HerdStar is pleased to officially announce the introduction and release of the Dual Breeder Batch Control – D-BTB200 to our BinTrac product line offering.


  • The Dual Breeder Controller helps to simplify system installations when it is necessary to control two different feed batching systems from a single scaled bin. It is available in two preconfigured options:Dual Breeder Batch Control

Dual Line Breeder Batching Controller

MCA-000221   Dual Breeder Control D-BTB200 (Unload/Load)     
MCA-000222     Dual Breeder Control D-BTB200 (Unload/Unload)     

Previously, Dual Breeder Control systems were comprised of connecting two individual Breeder Controls. The D-BTB200 console offers one pre-wired and programmed solution saving installation and setup costs.


  • Easy to access wiring terminal blocks, including several Status LED’s for added troubleshooting convenience of system.


  • Includes all the same great batching features of the standard Breeder Control.


  • Offering the following Breeder Control standard configurations
    Inventory Bin Loss-in-Weight (Unload Batch Method)
    Inventory Bin Dual Breeder (Dual Unload Batch Method) *
    Weigh Bin with Dual Breeder (Unload and Load Batch Method) *
    Weigh Bin with Triple Breeder (Load and Dual Unload Batch Method) *

* NOTE: Only one BinTrac Breeder controlled auger system
may be engaged at any given time.

Please review the new updated Breeder Batching Control Literature
for more information.