BinTrac BT260 Bin Level Indicator with LARGE DIGITS

BT260 Bin Level Indicator features large .56 in LED digits – nearly twice the size of standard display – for ease of readability. It’s plain to see why the NEW BT260 Bin Level Indicator surpasses industry expectations. A graphic visual of the bin provides a quick read of the bin level.   Every BinTrac Indicator stores and displays current inventory for up to 4 bins, monitors 24-hour feed use for the past 4 days and keeps the last 4 feed delivery weights for each bin.  BinTrac patented Bin lifting load cell assemblies for easy installation on existing or loaded bins.
Supports Optional BinTrac® Vision –  Cloud Based Remote Monitoring
Use Cloud based Technology to allow remote bin monitoring access.  Provides Improved BioSecurity, Safety -NO climbing bins, and Feed Mill Performance.  Multiple Reports including Daily, Weekly and Monthly Feed Usage, Bin Delivery Verification, Consumption and Feed Order Forecast including Days to empty.  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE