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Trust MicroZone Heat Lamp & Mat Controls

You can trust Microzone Heat Lamp & Mat Controls to maintain the CORRECT THERMAL ENVIRONMENT for your farrowing and nursery operations.

· Millions of sows trust their piglets to MicroZone controls.
· Many utility companies offer energy rebate programs when utilizing MicroZone system.
· Typical 3000 sow farrowing unit can see +25% reduction in energy costs with MicroZone System.
· Optional MC110A MicroZone (0-10V) console interfaces to third party industry controllers (Maximus, AP Edge®)

MicroZone Heat Lamp & Mat Controls

For more information check out: MicroZone

Announcing NEW additions to HerdStar team

Over the last six months, HerdStar has added two NEW additions to the HerdStar team to continue our commitment to provide exceptional customer support.

Sales Manager Mitch Wilking

Joined HerdStar – FEB 2019. Mitch grew up on a hog farm in South Central Minnesota and is a 2004 graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has been working in the Power Generation Industry for the last 11 years. Mitch will work on the development of the current MicroZone dealer network. Please reach out to Mitch for any quotes or sales and training opportunities that may arise.

Customer Service Specialist – Ryan Frederick

Joined HerdStar – MAY 2019. Ryan has over 18 years of customer service support experience with Verizon and grew up in the Mankato area.  He will be our primary Service Support Specialist on the BinTrac/MicroZone product lines, including setup and support/maintenance of the BinTrac VISION Remote Data collection offering. Feel free to contact Ryan for any service technical support or training needs that may be required.

Both Mitch and Ryan are thrilled to join the HerdStar team and look forward in working with our customers to continue to promote and support the innovative BinTrac product offering.  

For more information or to contact our sales or support team please feel free to call 507-344-8005 or 1-877- 246-8722 or email: or