For over two decades HerdStar has been providing innovative technology to both the industrial and agricultural markets. Based out of Mankato, MN, HerdStar has partnered with companies all over the United States and has started spreading across the world! 

Mission Statement

To bring innovative technology to both Agricultural and Industrial enterprises. We create technology that is used as an asset to maximize operational savings and management efficiencies. By partnering with our customers, we are able to provide reliable, cost effective products and superior customer service.

Core Values/Goals

  • To provide customer service that will exceed expectations.
  • We will continue to create innovative technology in all aspects of our business.
  • We will continue to bring reliable and cost effective products to our customers.
  • While completing these goals we will remain ethical and trustworthy.
  • We will continue to progress, grow, and be a leader in the industry.
  • To create unique products that fill a need.

Our History

  1. 2001- Novonix is founded to develop proprietary embedded controls for the livestock industry.
  2. 2002- HerdStar is founded as a livestock technology company.
  3. 2002- Novonix releases the first MicroZone heat lamp and heat mat control system.
  4. 2003- HerdStar releases the first version of the GF Pro Software.
  5. 2003- The first sorting scale controls are released.
  6. 2006- Novonix and Herdstar merge.
  7. 2006- MicroZone wins the New Product of the Year award at the World Pork Expo.
  8. 2007- HerdStar releases the BinTrac bin weighing system.
  9. 2007- HerdStar expands into a larger facility.
  10. 2008- BinTrac wins the New Product of the Year award at the World Pork Expo.
  11. 2009- Signed on Pesco as Sales and Marketing Reps for BinTrac line.
  12. 2009- Released new interfaces for Poultry Layer House Controls.
  13. 2010- Introduced new BinTrac Angle Iron and Tube leg adapters.
  14. 2010- Introduced Lightning Warranty for BinTrac Loadcells.
  15. 2010- HerdStar expands into its new office.
  16. 2011- Introduced new I-Beam Cross Bar adapter for retrofitting to existing I-Beam bin structures.
  17. 2011- Setup South Korea BinTrac Dealer.
  18. 2012- First BinTrac installation in Japan.
  19. 2012- The magazine, Minnesota Enterprise, writes a feature story on HerdStar’s international growth.
  20. 2012- Introduced BinTrac Breeder Control.
  21. 2013- HerdStar expands warehouse and manufacturing areas.
  22. 2017- MSRC aquires GF PRo Vision software from Herdstar.
  23. 2017- Introduced NEW high capacity pancake BinTrac load cell product line.
  24. 2019- Introduced NEW LARGE 6 Digit BinTrac BT260 indicator with CE certification.
  25. 2019- Introduced NEW BinTrac power supply PS17 with CE certification.
  26. 2020- Optional NEW Dual BTB200 BinTrac Breeder Control added to product family.
  27. 2020- CONNECT magazine writes article on HerdStar’s history and growth of company.
  28. 2020- New HOW-TO videos released. BinTrac A-Frame installation and Indicator Programming
  29. 2020- BinTrac VISION Mobile introduced for improved mobile platform experience.
  30. 2020- BinTrac Product distribution expanded into several new OEM accounts increasing international growth.