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Welcome To HerdStar®

Today’s world demands efficiency beyond our traditional method of doing business in the agricultural and industrial markets. Founded in 2001, HerdStar has become the leader in cost effective bin scale monitoring solutions (BinTrac) and heat lamp and mat controls for the swine industry (MicroZone) In addition, we offer years of expertise in the custom design of OEM embedded electronic controls to satisfy requirements for multiple industries and applications.

The BinTrac product offers a unique patented A-Frame load cell bracket assembly, exclusive extended lightning warranty, Houselink interfaces to 3rd party house controllers and robust BinTrac Vision remote bin monitoring.  Vision offers remote monitoring with cloud- based mobile friendly data at your fingertips, six-month data retention including various reports and graphs. System is ideal for Poultry/Swine Integrators, Feed Mills, Growers and Vendor Managed Inventory for industrial applications including plastics, wood chips, microbreweries and many other markets.

Leading the industry, our MicroZone energy saving heat lamp and mat control system automatically adjusts output based on room temperature and a growing animal’s needs.  The patented MicroZone offering can lower your energy and labor costs by 30% or more, ensure healthier pigs, reduce labor costs and lower pre-wean mortality on any farrowing/nursery operation.

  • Bin Monitoring (BinTrac)

    Our BinTrac system with our patented load cell bracket assembly, provides a cost effective, easy to install bin weighing system. Our brackets can be adapted to fit any bin leg and our system is designed to endure the elements, including lightning. Also offer BinTrac Vision remote monitoring system, a web based cloud system ideal for monitoring bin levels, usages, fill events, low usage and many more reports and graphs. Learn More ›
  • Heat Control (MicroZone)

    Our energy saving MicroZone heat lamp and heat mat controls automatically adjust based on room temperature and a growing animal's needs. This can lower your energy and labor costs by 30% or more. Learn More ›
  • Software (BinTrac VISION)

    Our software will help give you insight into large amounts of information and give you real-time access to the important data that will help maximize the profitability of your operation. Learn More ›