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Welcome To HerdStar®

Today’s world demands efficiency beyond our traditional method of doing business in the industrial and agricultural industries. HerdStar has become the leader in providing solutions from tracking individual animal behavior and growth to cost effective feed bin monitoring. We at HerdStar are dedicated to creating the most efficient and cost saving products for the livestock and industrial markets. Bringing years of expertise, in the design of embedded electronic controls, our team has designed the leading products in end-to-end solutions.

  • Bin Monitoring

    With our patented load cell bracket assembly, we provide a cost effective, easy to install bin weighing system. Our brackets can be adapted to fit any bin leg and our system is designed to endure the elements, including lightning. Learn More ›
  • Heat Control

    Our energy saving heat lamp and heat mat controls automatically adjust based on room temperature and a growing animal's needs. This can lower your energy and labor costs by 30% or more. Learn More ›
  • Software

    Our software will help give you insight into large amounts of information and give you real-time access to the important data that will help maximize the profitability of your operation. Learn More ›